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Copywriting Services

What is Copywriting?

A successful copywriter will identify the target audience and write persuasive content accordingly to their needs in order to engage them. They will present products, content and services in an appealing style; therefore increasing the interest in the website boosting sales. The content should be shaped in such a way that readers are attracted to the products and persuaded to make a purchase.

The main points to remember in order to make successful copy:

What We Do

At SoftSync, we are dedicated to understanding what our clients want to achieve and our wide knowledge means we are committed and driven to help others achieve their maximum potential. We know that although the features of a product will be the main point to generate a sale, the way a product is described can enhance it's appeal to the customer. We not only produce website content, but we also write, press releases, web content, articles and blog posts. We work in a professional manner and work closely with you in order to fully understand you and your customer needs to ensure only the highest quality content is placed on your website.

Our Prices

Our copywriting service is provided by reputable copywriters who specialise in your chosen industry.

The silver package provides you with an experienced copywriter.

The gold package provides you with a marketing expert or qualified journalist to put the best sales spin on your products and services.

  Silver Gold
Copywriting/Articles £60.00 £90.00
Press Release £60.00 £90.00
Blog £60.00 £90.00
Product Description £35.00 £50.00
Web Page £60.00 £90.00

Prices are based on a recommended amount of 400 words, and with a first draft turnaround time of 2 working days. If you wish to order copy for a bulk of articles or web pages, a special price can be negotiated upon request.

If you would like to use our copywriting service please get in touch.


"It is nice to interact with a company that produces fantastic products, and is easy to work with."
Imam, Urbanlink Lettings

"Thank you for creating a superb website! It is a pleasure to work with such a responsive organisation."
Chris Yates, Yates & Reece

"SoftSync provided an outstanding solution that delivers continuous results. We are happy with our eCommerce store."
Derek, Hatboxes Ltd