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SoftSync is a professional, established, specialist software developer focused on producing powerful, high-quality, intelligent business solutions. We'll demonstrate how our innovative solutions will give you the clarity you need to make effective decisions, quickly and with certainty.

We will be with you every step of the way...because your business will constantly evolve we provide a business software solution that grows with you. We have designed, developed and deployed many software solutions across the UK and our expertise has gained us an unbeatable ability to accurately assess your needs and deliver maximum impact with ease and confidence. Software is a vital tool for your business and we believe that the right implementation partner is the most valuable element of any software change.

Although our intelligent business solutions are bespoke to each organisation, we do have a range of niche solutions that match the challenging needs of specific market sectors.

Management Reporting

Management reporting systems frequently are critical tools for evaluating the performance of organizations and managers, and sometimes that of lower level employees as well. The results can be key determinants of compensation, such as the setting of bonus pools. For example, the head and staff of a business unit might have their bonuses driven off the profit that a management reporting system ascribes to that unit.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

It has to be realised that almost every tool which is being used for supporting data spread across the company is simultaneously somehow connected with business intelligence solutions. Business Intelligence gives you the information when you need it, in the format you need, and SoftSync offers you the Business Intelligence that is integrated, robust and flexible. By integrating data from across your enterprise and delivering self-service dashboard reports, predictive analytics, data and text mining, forecasting, and optimisation so that business users spend less time looking for information so that the managers and directors can make better decisions more quickly.

Data Warehouse

Is a central managed and integrated database containing data from the operational sources in an organisation (such as SAP, CRM, ERP system). Common accessing systems of data warehousing include queries, analysis, business models, forecasts, and other reports and projections can be made. At SoftSync we have consultants with extensive experience in delivering Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse solutions.

CRM Solution

SoftSync's CRM Solution will simplify, manage and measure your business processes enabling quick and effective decision making. CRM Solution is designed to work as one joined up business system which will enable small and medium sized businesses to run efficiently. By focusing the CRM Solution around people, and how they really work, our client's staff, are able to deal with more customers in less time. The CRM Solution provides simple to access up-to-date data across all business functions and is designed to enable staff to easily access and disseminate information in one simple click. CRM Solution is easy to use and can be accessed quickly and securely from any web browser.

Retail Management System

The POS unit handles the sales to the consumer but it is only one part of the entire POS system used in a retail business. "Back-office" computers typically handle other of the POS system such as inventory control, purchasing, receiving and transferring of products to and from other locations.

Hospitality industry

Point Of Sales systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry, particularly in the fast food sector. In the most recent technologies, registers are computers, sometimes with touch screens. The registers connect to a server, often referred to as a "store controller" or a "central control unit." Printers and monitors are also found on the network.

Hardware Stores, Building Supply

Our Retail Management System (RMS) for this industry is very specialized compared to other industries. RMS Solution is able to handle special orders, purchase orders, repair orders, service and rental programs as well as typical Point Of Sale functions.

Hair and Beauty Industry

In order to run a salon efficiently it is essential to keep all appointments, client, employee roster and the checkout in a system where you can create performance reports for. The nature of salons and spas vary depending on the setup of the business and products offered in addition to the business.


"It is nice to interact with a company that produces fantastic products, and is easy to work with."
Imam, Urbanlink Lettings

"Thank you for creating a superb website! It is a pleasure to work with such a responsive organisation."
Chris Yates, Yates & Reece

"SoftSync provided an outstanding solution that delivers continuous results. We are happy with our eCommerce store."
Derek, Hatboxes Ltd